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Replika koruny svatého Václava

Crown of Saint Wenceslas

Crown is a symbol of czech currency also.
The Crown of Saint Wenceslas is a crown forming part of the Bohemian Crown Jewels, and made in 1347. The eleventh king of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, from the House of Luxembourg, had it made for his coronation, dedicating it to the first patron saint of the country St. Wenceslas and bequeathed it as a state crown for the coronation of future Bohemian kings. On the orders of Charles IV the new royal crown was permanently deposited in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle).


New Czech Mint focused the minting of coins and medals of excellence. We offer custom minting for businesses and government institutions.
Mint meets the Czech National Bank requirements for the minting of coins Czech.

We promote memorial coins, medals and plaques for municipalities, schools, businesses, government agencies, associations and private individuals. We offer turnkey realization of the minting, according to individual customer requirements.

We mint coins of the highest quality implementation of manually polished dies. Still enjoying traditional handicraft techniques and procedures to ensure the highest quality of our coins.


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Pražská mincovna a.s.
U Prašné brány 2
110 00 Praha 1

Mon-Fri: 10.00 - 19.00
Sat: 10.00 - 18.00


Pražská mincovna a.s.
Pri Michalskej bráne
Baštová ul. 1
811 03 Bratislava

Mon-Sat: 09.00 - 17.00

"We have gold because we can not trust the government"

(Herbert Hoover)


Již 14 let nakupují Češi investiční zlaté slitky a mince výhodně na www.Zlate-Mince.cz. Investiční zlato švýcarského původu prodává a vykupuje v úzké spolupráci s největším distributorem zlata, patřícím vídeňské mincovně a rakouské centrální bance. 

Víte, že medaile z drahých kovů se svým vlastním logem můžete pořídit i v ceně do 500 Kč?


Potřeba motivovat, odměnit či budovat image patří k základním prioritám každého úspěšného podniku.


Production of coins and medals excellence is lengthy, challenging but also fascinating process. It is the story of the search for perfection.

"Currency - these are just different names for different quantities of gold"

(Robert Mundell)


Historically medalists were typically also involved in producing their designs, and were usually either sculptors or goldsmiths by background.

In modern times medallists are mostly primarily sculptors of larger works, but in the past the number of medals and coins produced were sufficient to allow specialists who spent most of their career producing them.

Europe's youngest mint blends old and new in its medal production

The Prague Mint is headquartered in the Municipal House in the cultural center of Prague. The site was once, appropriately, host to the Bohemian king’s court, and the king controlled the right of minting. Today the Prague Mint strikes its issues elsewhere, but the site is a link to Prague’s minting history.

Growing market for Czech medals keeps mint busy

While some mints use design software to crank out dozens of different coin issues every month, the private Prague Mint remains firmly entrenched in the old ways while making reasonable use of the new.

The majority of the medals produced by the private Prague Mint feature Czech themes

While some mints use design software to crank out dozens of different coin issues every month, the private Prague Mint remains firmly entrenched in the old ways while making reasonable use of the new.

Belarus Looks to Contract with Prague Mint

Most of the Belarus recent commemorative coins have been struck at mints in Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland. Nonetheless their national bank is looking to negotiate a contract with the Prague Mint in the Czech Republic due to “vigorous development of the [Belarus] numismatic market.”

Prague Mint Inc. - manufacturer of top quality precious metal coinage.

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